• A dress, a couturier and his muse


    The relationship between Audrey Hepburn and Hubert de Givenchy is one of the greatest, enduring fashion pairings and friendships of all time which has generated the most iconic items of clothing in the history, looks that are still the epitome of style.

  • Royal fashion affairs: Norman Hartnell


    The name of some designers is sometimes bound to that of their prestigious clients. Sir Norman Hartnell, in fact, is one of them. In his long activity, that lasted for more than fifty years, the British designer had the honour to dress remarkable clients, among them two queens.

  • ‘Past and Present’ and ‘Timeless Icons’: two exhibitions by Europeana Fashion at the Pop-Up Museum at the Netherland Institute for Sound and Vision


    This January, The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision is the stage of a Pop-up museum, an initiative of Europeana Space, themed around vintage fashion. This installation ties in with the current main exhibition at the museum, ‘Let’s YouTube’, which focuses on fashion and beauty themed videos. The display also showcases two video installation curated by the Europeana Fashion portal, featuring some of the amazing material it holds in its archive.



    The history of fashion accounts for a number of emblematic accessories dedicated to celebrities; they often seem invested of some sort of magical power to retain the popularity of the person their name refers to - and in some cases exceed it.

  • Off the Stage, On the Catwalk: Celebrities at Fashion Shows


    It is now a custom for fashion designers and brands to invite celebrities to attend their show. May they be actors, singers or social media stars, sometimes their participation is as much awaited by the press and fans as the fashion show itself. Although it is usual to see them attending the shows, it is less to see them hit the catwalk.

  • Europeana Fashion Focus: ‘Cage Suit’ by Jean Paul Gaultier, 1989


    The ‘cage suit’ is composed by a tailored jacket and a pair of trousers. Its name refers to the particular construction of the jacket, which resembles the structure of a nineteenth century corset. It was designed by French fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier for his Spring/Summer 1989 womenswear collection.

  • Some Like It Print: Marilyn Monroe in Pucci


    From about 1960, Marilyn Monroe seemed to favour designs created by Emilio Pucci; many photographs, portraying the actress in both public and private moments, show how the encounter between the creation of the marquis with the body - and soul - of the iconic actress defined the image of the celebrity in some of her most unforgettable looks.

  • ‘Hubert de Givenchy: To Audrey With Love’ on the Europeana Fashion Tumblr


    The Gemeentemuseum den Haag is the new curator of the Europeana Fashion Tumblr. For this January, the museum has selected from the Europeana Fashion portal a variety of images to explore, focus and enhance the themes of the exhibition ‘Hubert de Givenchy: To Audrey With Love’, on show at the museum until the 26th March 2017.



    Celebrity is not just a name individuating a ‘very important person’; its meaning can be stretched to signify ‘fame’ in its absolute form: something that can be either linked to people, but to objects as well. This is why this month we decided to turn our blog into a stage and showcase the celebrity stories that the archives and museums taking part into the Europeana Fashion project hold.

  • ‘Duchess of Savoy’ Fancy Dress


    For the last blogpost of the year, we decided to treat ourselves with the interesting story of an amazing ballgown picked from the Europeana Fashion archive.

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