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Little Fashion Designers Grow Up!

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Courtesy of Pitti Immagine. All rights reserved.

During the latest international fashion weeks we assisted to exhibitions, fashion shows and new talents debuts.

Starting in January with LVMH prize held in LVMH Foundation in Paris, the competition for cash and mentorship from the French luxury giant that is now in its second year.

Last June Florence and Milan showed new emerging fashion designers. They showed their collections in many events, gathered by the online new fashion brands aggregator Not Just A Label and presented during the 8th edition of “Who is on next Uomo” in Florence. Milan, instead, celebrated those who has already gained popularity in fashion environment during the last seasons.

Hard work, dedication, madness, creativity and a little bit of luck are the ingredients to break out. Inspired by historical costume, contemporary art lovers or going mad for new look, these young fashion designers demonstrate their creative abilities playing with volumes, colors and materials. They communicate without words, trying to make their dream become real.

Courtesy of Pitti Immagine. All rights reserved.

During Pittiuomo #88 the online aggregator for young fashion designers NJAL has inaugurated FRESH in FLORENCE. The first edition of this new emerging fashion showcase has been held in the concept store BJØRK-Florence, a reference point for contemporary fashion in connection with art.

Photo by Guglielmo Profeti. Courtesy of Bjork-Florence

Always paying attention to talent, Giorgio Armani has presented the new generation of Italian talented fashion designers at Armani Teatro in the 9th edition of this event during Milano Moda uomo 2015. Special guest on catwalk the Japanese designer Facetasm from Tokyo.

To stay tuned with new talents debut let’s follow Europeana Fashion Associated IT’S awards ceremony, that will be hosted in Trieste next 11th of July.

Europeana Fashion at Bologna’s University Workshop: “From Fashion Research to Digital Timeline”

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The workshop “From Fashion Research to Digital Timeline” curated by Cecilia Cestari and Alessia Zucca, part of ZoneModa Fashion and Creativity Summerschool 2015 took place from the 16th to the 18th of June in Rimini, Italy.

Aiming to show how web media and technology can transform the research and cataloguing of fashion objects in a moment of creativity, graphic experimentation, and new communication strategies, the workshop focused on the history of 20th century fashion. The three days of workshop overviewed both online and offline research methods, also visiting the “Archivi di Ricerca Mazzini” to get to know garments, details and trends of the different decades of the century.

During the final session of this rich and exciting program Alessandra Arezzi Boza, communication Director for Europeana Fashion presented the results achieved in all the Project related activities, with a huge quote of its successful communication strategy and on creative re-use of fashion contents, while introducing for the first time the future goals of the newborn Europeana Fashion International Association (EFIA).

For more informations about the workshop and other related activities, please visit: Update we took it for a spin, and it works great

“Shoes: Pleasure and Pain” at Victoria & Albert Museum

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"Invisible Naked Version" von Andreia Chaves, 2011 Photograph by Andrew Bradley © Courtesy of Victoria & Albert Museum

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” said Marilyn Monroe.

Shoes play an important role in common imagery: they talk about the wearer’s social role and attitudes. They also rouse people fancy as an object of desire, a symbol of power and feminine seduction. Fairy tales and folklore talks about shoes as a magic object with special qualities in fast travelling or social climbing, as we learned from Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz” and in Cinderella’s story.

"Invisible Naked Version" von Andreia Chaves, 2011 Photograph by Andrew Bradley © Courtesy of Victoria & Albert Museum

Europeana Fashion partner Victoria and Albert Museum hosts the exhibition “Shoes: Pleasure and Pain” from 13th June 2015 to 31st January 2016. The display looks at the extremes of footwear from around the globe, presenting around 200 pairs of shoes, some of which have never been showed before. Through several guidelines this exclusive set inspects shoes history and meanings, celebrating the craftsmanship behind the development of the production process from handmade to mass-produced. The collection includes examples from famous shoe wearers and collectors, that are shown alongside a dazzling range of historic pieces.

A wide preview of the exhibit is available on V&A’s website, that offers interactive multimedia contents. Take a look at “Cinderella’s Shoes” a short animation that explores the well-loved story of Cinderella as it has been told across the globe for Centuries. You can also find an interactive shoes time-line or have a look inside the exhibition.

For more information, please visit Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

Browse on Europeana Fashion our amazing collection of historical and contemporary shoes.

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Ethnic Fashion Curation on Tumblr

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Have a look at this month Tumblr curation featuring ethnic and ethnic inspired fashion and costumes from Europeana Fashion Archive!

Fashion always had a fascination with the exotic. It is not only as a source of inspiration, but is a way through the otherness, the foreign. It can be a travel in the Persian inspired world of Paul Poiret’s “Thousand and Second Night” ball, or in the fierce Africa of Yves Saint Laurent’s 1967 collection, or into the frozen Russian-Balkan folklore of John Galliano’s AW 2009/10 show.

John Galliano's FW 2009/10 Russian and Balkan inspired collection. Photo by Etienne Todoir. Collection Catwalkpictures. All rights reserved.

Sometimes a synonym of wealth and lush, with its rich embroideries and bright colored details, or that of a dogmatic reverence to a rigid monochromatic spiritualism, ethnic costumes got through the history of fashion and still they are present in nowadays catwalks. It’s never about copying, it’s always about a feeling or a way to see things, which is translated in the designer collection to bring freedom, freshness and a break up with traditional aesthetics.

Man’s hooded cape, Morocco, late 19th century - early 20th century. Photo by Mauro Magliani. Collection The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, all rights reserved.

Visit our Tumblr and let your eyes travel around the world with Europeana Fashion exotic collection!
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Europeana Fashion Project Starts Again!

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V&A Europeana Fashion party illustration

Under the CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) Europeana Fashion has a new start!

Europeana Fashion offers a wide collection of more than 700,000 unique objects related to fashion and costume, including not only historical costumes and ethnic dresses, but also a selection of patterns, illustrations, pictures, and exclusive fashion ephemeras, such as little objects, gadgets and fashion show invitations.

V&A Europeana Fashion party illustration

Leon Sault. 'Young Ladies Journal Monthly Panorama of Fashion' dated July 1875. Ladies and childrens' day dresses. Engraving, coloured by hand. Collection Victoria&Albert Museum.CC BY SA

Connecting the most important European fashion institutions, the collection is accessible to everyone and it can be browsed in different languages through Europeana Fashion portal and a selection of its contents will be shown daily through its social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and, soon, Instagram!

Every month, our Tumblr will feature a curation featuring our and our partners contents, starting this month with a selection of Europeana Fashion most beautiful ethnic dresses.
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