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Runway Archive: Moren Wizard, Pitti Uomo 17, 1980

Moren Wizard, Pitti Uomo 17, 1980, Courtesy Pitti Immagine, All Rights Reserved

The picture shows three male models wearing silver raincoats over trousers and jumpers. The raincoats are all the same: sleeveless, with a high collar and a hoodie. The looks are completed by fur-lined gloves and dark sunglasses. Behind the models, who stand in a quasi-militaristic pose, a backdrop with a sketch stands out, showing clearly the name of the brand, Moren Wizard.

The outfits were presented in occasion of Pitti Immagine 17, in 1980. In the context of Pitti Uomo, founded in 1972 with the intent of promoting clothing and accessories for men. many collateral and experimental actions took place: one of these were the so-called ‘sfilate collettive’ (collective catwalks), where many brands were invited to present their creations. The Italian brand Moren Wizard was one of them, taking part in the 1980′s edition of the event.

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