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‘Rik Wouters & The Private Utopia’ on Europeana Fashion Tumblr

MoMu is the new curator of Europeana Fashion Tumblr. This September, in concurrence with the museum’s latest exhibition ‘Rik Wouters & The Private Utopia’, the Europeana Fashion Tumblr page will showcase pictures and artworks unveiling the themes of the exhibition.

On the left: Walter Van Beirendonck, 'Home Sweet Home' , s/s 2014 © Ronald Stoops. On the right: Rik Wouters, 'Woman with Yellow Necklace, 1912 oil on canvas © RMFAB photo J. Geleyns | RO SCAN.

The Flemish Post-Impressionist painter Rik Wouters, whose paintings enchanted for their sense of sanctity and interiority, is the protagonist of MoMu – Fashion Museum Province of Antwerp new exhibition ‘Rik Wouters & The Private Utopia’, that inaugurates on the 17th of September 2016. Realized in collaboration with the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp, the exhibition commemorates the 100th anniversary of the death of the painter.

The artist depicted in his paintings simple domestic scenes with his expressive brush strokes, unfinished style and emphasis on lighting and colour, capturing on his canvases a harmonious sense of intimacy. It is this particular sense that continues to inspire contemporary artists and designers to challenge the hectic pace of today, in search for a ‘private utopia’. This research represent the encounter of the painter and his work with some topical themes for fashion and design, which will be explored through the works of various Belgian fashion designers.

Among others, Dirk Van Saene, Bruno Pieters, Christian Wijnants, Walter Van Beirendonck, Ann Demeulemeester, Dries Van Noten, Veronique Branquinho, Martin Margiela, Marina Yee and Jan-Jan Van Essche will be featured in the exhibition, showing how they relate to the topic; they will express their particular point of view through the selection of fabrics and ‘slow’ techniques or by affirming their outstanding position in the fashion world. Alongside their creations and the works of Rik Wouters, the exhibition will display the works of many contemporary artists, bridging the gap between the outputs of fashion and that of art.

MoMu’s curation of Europeana Fashion Tumblr will start on Thursday 1st September. Follow it on

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