Uniqlo discovers the Fashion Side of Neuroscience

Earlier this week, a Uniqlo shop in Sydney, Australia, presented to its customer a new technology called “UMood”. The technology implies neuroscience to help customers to find their the perfect T-Shirt.

It consists in a headset using a single sensor on the forehead to measure brain activity while people watch seconds-long video clips. Each clip represent up to 10 moods such as “dandy” and “stormy.”

“UMood” technology. Courtesy of Uniqlo. All rights reserved.

The series of videos includes a woman reading in a forest, a kitten, cherry blossoms and a man dancing. Then an algorithm analyses each responses the customers’ brain had while their watching and the machine offers the t-shirt that in Uniqlo selection perfect fits their mood.

It is no wonder that in a time in which fashion and mass production push new designs almost every day, someone may feel confuse about what to buy and what to wear. But is technology the right solution to help customers accomplish their needs? Fashion still waits for the algorithm to calculate this answer.

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