Goodbye, Elio Fiorucci!

A fashion industry pioneer, Fiorucci brought the style of the Swinging London to Milan when in 1967 he opened his first boutique and conquered the world of fashion with his brilliant, vivacious revolutionary taste.

Elio Fiorucci passed away at the age of 80 in his home in Milan, where he was found this Monday morning. A fashion revolutionary, Elio Fiorucci opened his first store in Milan in 1967, bringing the style of the Swinging London to the traditionalist and conservative Italian city. His clothes broke the rules and his skinny jeans, that he designed after a trip to Ibiza where he was impressed with the way wet jeans fit and showed women’s body and curves, became a desirable garment for every girl in the world during the 70s.

Fiorucci posing with his 1972 shoe collection The platform. Photograph: Mondadori/Getty Images. All rights reserved.

In 1976 Fiorucci opened his legendary New York store: located in East Midtown it soon became the place where to live the culture of 70s and 80s. It hosted Keith Haring and Andy Warhol’s events and was frequently visited by Madonna, Cher and a fifteen years old Marc Jacobs that skipped summer school to pass his time in it.

Its bold commercials, that featured controversial artists like Divine, where directed by Oliviero Toscani with the help of Terry Jones, later founder of i-D Magazine. Collecting around him the most interesting people of the moment, Fiorucci and his store were indeed a reference point in New York City. From his store Warhol’s first issue of Interview Magazine as well as Paper Magazine where launched. Besides the Milan’s flagship store, was completely re-styled by Keith Haring in 1984.

Divine starring in a Fiorucci campaign. All rights reserved.

It was due to business management issues that the shops closed later, but along with different attempts to reestablish its brand, Fiorucci legacy still lives in fashion culture and still inspires younger designers with incredible revolutionary ideas.

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