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To face the heat of this summer, Europeana Fashion has selected some special beachwear related items from its archive!

As one of the most significative symbol of society costume developing, Beach and Swimwear have an interesting story.

The great innovation took place in 1946, when the french tailor Louis Réard invented the bikini. The name comes from the Bikini atoll of Marshall’s Islands, where US used to do nuclear tests.

Réard gave this name to the new swimsuit because of the explosive and shocking effects he was sure it was going to have on the customers. The impact was indeed so strong for costume habits of that age that it took 15 years for the bikini to be accepted by the United States.

Model wearing bikini of Nordiska Kompaniet. Photograph by Erik Holmen. 1946/1950. Courtesy of Nordiska Museet. CC BY NC ND

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