Curation by Biblioteca Luigi Chiarini on Tumblr

This January, our Europeana Fashion Tumblr has been curated by Biblioteca Luigi Chiarini, Rome, featuring a selection of costume sketches from their collection!

Collection Biblioteca Luigi Chiarini. All rights reserved.

The “Luigi Chiarini” Library contains a large section dedicated to Fashion and Costumes, which consists of over a thousand bibliographical documents and a wonderful collection of original sketches for costume-designs for cinema, television or theatre of over two thousand drawings. It was originally set up to provide educational material to meet the specific needs of students on the Costume and Scenery course at the National Cinema School. However, over the years, the section has also been increasingly used by costume designers already established in their professional field. The Section contains many richly-illustrated books and a large collection of fashion magazines representing this wonderful form of illustration, many of which are very rare and date back to the mid-1800s. It is composed of bibliographical and documentary material, in particular we remember the costume and fashion designers’s Adriana Berselli, Marisa D’Andrea, Vera Marzot, Gino Carlo Sensani, Piero Tosi and Alberto Verso collections. These make up a rare collection, related not just to theatre and film costumes and fashion over the centuries, but also to the history of art, to furniture, to the decorative and graphic arts, and to photography.

Visit our Tumblr to see the complete curation and more!It’s more important than ever that schools implement the necessary means to keep students information safe under all circumstances

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