Party dresses!

Searching for a fashionable idea for your New Year’s Eve party dress? Find it in this selection of the most wonderful evening dresses and gowns in our Europeana Fashion collection!

Fashion plate, Christmas and New Year's Party, December 1875. The Young Ladies' Journal. Collection Victoria and Albert Museum. CC-BY-SA

For centuries now, it is a tradition for people to meet and gather themselves on New Year’s Eve to celebrate together. It is during these occasions that people do their best to keep themselves fashionable. Here on Europeana Fashion it is full of examples of the most amazing and breathtaking gowns fashion offered us in centuries. Let yourself be inspired!

vening dress and shoes in silk matelasse brocade, designed by Givenchy, Paris, ca. 1955. Silk matelasse brocade. Collection Victoria and Albert Museum. CC-BY-NC

Evening gown in silk chiffon and rhinestone, designed by Madeleine Vionnet, embroideries by Lesage, 1930. Collection Les Arts Décoratifs. All rights reserved.

Ball gown designed by Chalers Frederick Worth, 1886. Collection Centraal Museum. All rights reserved.

Girl wearing a dress by Lucien Lelong, picture by Saad Georges, 1937. Collection Kunstbibliothek, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin. CC-BY-NC-SA

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