Europeana Fashion at Wikimania 2014

Earlier this month, Europeana Fashion went to the annual Wikimedia conference  to share its experiences with museums, projects and the Wikimedia community from all over the world during a panel especially dedicated to the topic of  enhancing open access to digital fashion content.

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MoMu - Fashion Museum Province of Antwerp was one of the partners that went to London to speak about its experience with creating open access to its collections. Photo: Gabrielle de Pooter. CC-BY-SA 2.0.

Over the past two years Europeana Fashion organised edit-a-thons at fashion institutions around Europe, bringing fashion-loving people together to write about fashion on Wikipedia. By doing so, Europeana Fashion aims to improve fashion information on Wikipedia and help Wikimedia in making knowledge and media freely available for everyone.

To support Wikimedia, Europeana Fashion asks its partner museums to make their collections available online so people can see, learn and get creative with their collections. Our partners are strongly committed to giving people access to its collections online. Their collections can be explored via our portal  and a number of them are making images and videos from the collection available on Wikimedia so people can illustrate their fashion articles on Wikipedia.

Organising edit-a-thons and being part of Europeana Fashion is an on-going and instructive process for our partners and it helps them explore the best ways of opening up their collections online. At the conference, a number of our partners came together to talk about their experiences: MoMu – Fashion Museum Province of Antwerp, Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, Israel Museum Jerusalem and Wikimedia chapters from Israel, Italy and Sweden. Europeana Fashion has also published a handbook about organising fashion edit-a-thons.

If you are interested in making fashion content available on Wikimedia or in organising a fashion edit-a-thons, we invite you to contact Europeana Fashion at

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