What are you doing with Europeana Fashion?

Here at Europeana Fashion, we are always excited to see people re-use images from our fashion portal. Would you like us to feature your work or would you like to make an editorial contribution with Europeana Fashion content? Let us know!

We invite you to show us what you are doing with Europeana Fashion content. Maybe you are using  photographs to illustrate your vintage fashion blog, perhaps you are using  fashion illustrations for a board on Pinterest or maybe you have used some of our images in a school project? We would love for you to show us what you are doing with Europeana Fashion. We might feature your work on our channels!

We also invite you to propose any ideas you have for using Europeana Fashion content. Do you have a passion for shoes and do you want to write a post about it for our blog? Or are you mad about the Belle Époque and do you want to curate a Pinterest board around it? Feel free to propose an idea and we might work on it together!

Contact us with your work and ideas at communication@europeanafashion.eu

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