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This month, the Israel Museum in Jerusalem (IMJ) is at the helm of our Tumblr, curating it with images from its ”Dress Codes: Revealing the Jewish Wardrobe exhibition. The images  unveil an exceptional range of clothing worn by Jews in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries from around the world.

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Connected to the" Dress Codes: Revealing the Jewish Wardrobe" at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, our Tumblr curation this May explores an exceptional range of clothing worn by Jews in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries from around the world

The variety of clothing in the exhibition – festive dresses, daily wear, suits, wedding outfits, undergarments, children’s clothing, coverings, scarves, robes and more – were carefully selected from the vast collection, and meticulously curated from the rich holdings assembled since the Israel Museum was established.

With 100 items from over 23 countries in the exhibition, the items offer a multi-cultural and breathtaking glimpse into fashion and its sources of inspiration. The variety of objects in this exhibition is now reflected on our Tumblr.

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Exhibition Curator, Efrat Asaf Shapira of the Jewish Art and Life Wing headed by Daisy Raccah-Djivre at The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

“There is an enormous range of costumes from so many places in the world,” explains exhibition curator Assaf-Shapira, “many of which were not only worn by Jews, but by the entire local population. This offers us a base of comparison, from social, political as well as economic perspectives, with the possibility to further examine – what do these clothes say about the people who wore them? In what way were they expressing themselves or presenting themselves through their dress?”

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Iraq, Baghdad, 1891 Silk satin weave, silk and lace ribbons, tinsel embroidery. Collection Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

In the exhibition, the garments are divided into five groups, each of them examining the dress code from a different angle. The display areas are divided by transparent screens in the spirit of the exhibition which deals mainly with the revealed and the hidden in clothing. The exhibition, designed by Lilach Chitayat is pristine and airy, creating a unique atmosphere. “I feel that whoever sees the exhibit will be surprised by its relevance and modernity. Even 200-year-old clothing can truly inspire” adds Assaf-Shapira.

Visit the exhibition on our Tumblr.

Dress Codes: Revealing the Jewish Wardrobe
March 11, 2014-October 25, 2014
Location: The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Exhibition Curator: Efrat Asaf ShapiraTouch screens are great for lots of things, even gaming, but sometimes you just need an analog stick and a few buttons to get the most out of a title

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